Operate Breathing Apparatus

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Course Description

The Operate Breathing Apparatus course focuses on providing participants with the skills and knowledge required to safely use open circuit compressed air breathing apparatus.  This course can be combined with the Confined Space Entry course MSMPER205.

Course Codes

MSMWHS216Operate breathing apparatus


24 Oct 2023
Recommended For

Staff required to use breathing apparatus to safely carry out work.

Course Outline

The course content contains but is not limited to the following components.

  • Conduct pre-donning checks and tests on breathing apparatus
  • Inspect breathing apparatus for immediate use in accordance with procedures
  • Operate breathing apparatus
  • Identify, monitor and control hazards in accordance with the procedures
  • Demonstrate effective application of breathing apparatus, undertaking activities as a member of a team
  • Close down breathing apparatus set in accordance with procedures
  • Remove breathing apparatus set in accordance with procedures
  • Undertake after-use cleaning and maintenance if breathing apparatus in accordance with procedures
  • Make equipment ready for operational use in accordance with procedures

Written theory assessment includes multiple choice and short answer questions. Practical assessment requires correct demonstration of donning, use and shutdown procedures.

Not applicable

Who should complete BA training?

This training applies to individuals who are required to wear Breathing Apparatus as part of their work:

  • in a confined space
  • with hazardous gasses or vapours
  • in an oxygen deficient atmosphere
  • other situations that require the operator to wear a breathing apparatus

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How long is the Operate Breathing Apparatus course?

The Operate Breathing Apparatus course will be conducted over half a day (4 hours), and can be completed in conjunction with Confined Space Entry (or Confined Space Entry Refresher) training as required by your industry.


Does a BA Certification have an expiry date?

It is recommended that the Operate Breathing Apparatus training be completed every 2 years in order to maintain industry currency.


What’s included in the practical? (Physical requirements)

To demonstrate competency in the performance criteria of this unit, students are required to:

  • Conduct pre-donning tests on breathing apparatus
  • Correctly don and operate breathing apparatus (including simulating work in a confined space)
  • Identify hazards and apply control measures according to procedures
  • Communicate while using breathing apparatus
  • Determine the available working time from a breathing apparatus set
  • Correctly close down, remove and clean breathing apparatus
  • Report faults and/or damage to breathing apparatus.


Do you offer online BA training?

Due to the nature of the content covered in this training, we do not offer online training, with all courses being conducted face-to-face.


Do I need to shave before training?

It is recommended that students completing BA training should be clean shaven. However, students with facial hair can still participate, but the training notes will reflect this fact, and trainers will reiterate that facial seal requirements must be met in order to enter a hazardous area.

Students are encouraged to discuss the matter further with their employer.


How long does it take to receive a Statement of Attainment after completing the training?

When booking into a public course, students will be issued with a Statement of Attainment and a wallet card upon successful completion of training.

If training is being conducted onsite for a work group, Statements of Attainments and wallet cards will be processed and issued within 48 hours of successful completion of the training.

If you would like a copy of your Statement of attainment to be sent to your employer, please advise our administration team on the day of training.

Course Details

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1/2 Day (3 hours)


72 Powells Avenue, East Bendigo VIC 3550. This course can be delivered at your workplace.