Confined Space Entry (2-day)

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Course Description

The Enter Confined Space course focuses on providing participants with the skills and knowledge required to safely carry out work within confined spaces.

Course Codes

MSMPER205Enter confined space
MSMWHS217Gas test atmospheres
MSMWHS201Conduct hazard analysis
MSMPER200Work in accordance with an issued permit
MSMPER300Issue work permits


10 & 11 Jan | 7 & 8 Feb | 6 & 7 Mar
Recommended For

Staff required to enter, or assist with confined space work. eg standby, monitoring etc.

Course Outline

The Enter Confined Space course content contains but is not limited to the following components.

  • Legislation, OHS regulations and compliance
  • Confined spaces definition and common terms
  • Common hazards risk management
  • Ventilation and gas detectors
  • Respiratory protection
  • Fire awareness
  • Safety equipment
  • Emergency response and rescue

The assessment for Enter Confined Space includes written theory assessment with multiple choice and short answer questions. Practical assessment requires completion of working at confined space entry practical exercises which includes entry permits, gas detector, safety and rescue equipment.

Safety Systems Pty Ltd recommends retraining every year.

Not applicable

Who should complete Confined Space Training?

The regulations require that an individual who completes work tasks within a confined space be appropriately trained.

Do I need to complete Confined Space Entry training if I work in a restricted space?

No. Confined space entry regulations do not include restricted spaces. As such, the area needs to be deemed as a confined space.

Who decides if the area is a Confined Space or not?

Employers and other stakeholders are responsible for making the determination on whether or not an area is a confined space.

Do I need to complete Confined Space Entry training if I am a standby person (spotter)?

Yes. The regulations state that the nominated standby person will also have to complete the Confined Space Entry training in order to activate the rescue plan as required.

How long is the CSE and CSER training?

The Confined Space Entry training (CSE) is for individuals who have never completed this training before, or those whose certification has lapsed. This course duration is approximately 16 hours broken over 2 days.

The Confined Space Entry Refresher (CSER) training is for those individuals who require refresher training in accordance with the industry standards (every 2 years). This is a 1 day course which runs for approximately 8 hours.

Who should complete the full 2 day Confined Space Entry course?

Anyone who has never completed Confined Space Entry training, or those who have not refreshed their training in 3 years, or more are required to complete the full course rather than the 1 day refresher training. Additionally, it is recommended that anyone involved in decision making in/around confined spaces/issuing work permits in relation to works within confined spaces, complete training. For further information on whether you should complete the full training or just the refresher give us a call on 03 5442 5449.


Do I need to complete Refresher training?

Yes, the industry standards for refresher training is 2 years, however some employers will require training to be completed more frequently. As such, it is recommended to discuss this further with your employer.

Can you conduct Confined Space Entry training at our worksite?

Yes, we can conduct private training courses for work groups either at our training facility or onsite. To discuss these options further or get a quote, please call us on 03 5442 5449.

Course Details




2 Days (8:30am to 4:30pm each day)


72 Powells Avenue, East Bendigo VIC 3550. This course can be delivered at your workplace.